I was born on the sunny island of Trinidad, where I grew up and went to school. I migrated to the United States in the mid nineteen-eighties and lived in New York City until I married my husband and moved to Buffalo in the summer of 1981. After our youngest of four went into middle school I enrolled in college.  I am now a double major at the University of Buffalo studying English and Art.  I am set to graduate in the spring, 2015.  I have had the privilege of working under some tremendous talent in the area, Professor Brian Porter, Professor David Schirm and Jake Kassay, all of whom are well respected in their field.  I see the world as one tremendous work of art, and I simply try to reproduce a little of  it at a time, in my own way.

My writing is an extension of my life and a very public diary.  Everything moves and motivates me in one way or another, from a simple dewy morning to cacophony of noise on a blazing hot Trinidad Carnival day.  I love meeting people from all walks of life as our stories become each others’.  I love to share my work because I hope it sparks some recognition in others, a smile, or even a tear of connection with some word or phrase.

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