Middle Earth

Quiet Time For Me

I want to live where

Loyal little men with

big hearts & big hairy feet

live, with their dirt

smudged faces, who are

as brave as dragons.

Their perfectly carved out

cottages in the hills of

the Shire, round and

neat and Idyllic. I want

to live there, and breathe

the air there, but not as

a short big footed hobbit.

I want to be an Elf, —

tall and slender—

with the movements

of elegant precision,

like golden arrows slicing

through the air like

march winds … and loyal.

But – there is no neighbor,

no friend more loyal

than the always

ill-tempered dwarf,

whose word once given

Is more solid.

He will stand by you

till his death

if only because he promised.

And he did die for me, Kili,

and for Tauriel,

and other romantics

who thought

we were ruthless


in Middle Earth.

But in this…

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