Thank You Eve

That miserable misguided
mother of all mothers
all those years ago
one moment of stupidity
and we are still paying for it.
she chose to trust
the deceitful serpent
over the beautiful almighty.

Then …
Miss Conniving,
sweet talked Adam
into doing the one thing
she knew …
they were not supposed to do.
And what did he do?
He bit!
That jackass
Just didn’t have what it took
to stand up and be a man and save his kind.

 Born to rule my ass,
he could not even live one day
without whining about how lonely he was.
He just wanted somebody to pick his damn food,
and oh … did she pick it alright.
Now, thanks to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb
we all got kicked out of Eden,
and I’m sure the damn fruit didn’t taste so hot.

Women have to contend with
period cramps and labor pains
not to mention watching their men
chase women all over the earth;
I suppose they want their one rib back.
Because he took that bite
he now has to bust his ass daily
to make a living.
And that wayward woman
set the example for the
type of girl men are drawn to.

And how many of us ladies
still get up and pick
a forbidden fruit
out of the six-pack
in the fridge for our Adam?
My point exactly,
nothing’s changed.
Thank you Eve.


Michelle Gaskin





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