For all the women and little girls I have met and those I am yet to meet.
I hope you know the difference between what you need and what you seek, between what you seek over what you want to pad the void created by life. Life changed from colored pencils to lipsticks, from Chantilly to Coco Chanel, and from playing with boys to playing up to boys. They could not see past your coca cola figure to your sharp mind. They were too blinded because they see with that one eye in the middle of their head.

I hope you never stop striving to make a difference in your life and your world, this world. The changes you make will affect the changes in my life because; we are connected by the forever blinking North Star in the dark discouraging night, to the shivering cold from the South Pole. My mother is connected to your mother and to his mother. We are all connected and we share more than make up tips and recipes. We are the Amazons of the twenty first century.

I hope you understand that I am cheering for you to achieve your full potential, and change this damn country, lead our people and move the world, because you can. No man could as history has proven, no Republican, no Democrat, not white, not even the first black man and god knows Sarah from Alaska just didn’t have it, but you my child, my sister, her mother and his wife, you can. You have what we all look for. You are the chosen.

I hope you see in yourself, what I see, what we see, is a God given, talent, brilliance and pillar of strength that comes along like an anomaly of nature, only once in blue moon; and blue moons do exist. You are like the Greek gods and goddesses all in one eloquent lady. Maybe it was you who Maya Angelou wrote about in phenomenal woman. Oh what does it matter? You know who you are, because your mother raised you like my mother raised me – strong.

I hope we matter to you, but what matters more is that you make a good life for yourself, that you are happy, that you leave tracks where you walk so others can follow. Sister, daughter, and friend I support you because as I once told you, we are all connected. My mother and your mother and his mother too, we are all sisters. We have to believe in each other, look out for one another, because at the end of the day, we love each other. Ojala.


1. Arabic for “may God [Allah] will it” or “hopefully”and adopted by Spain, it translates “I hope”.


Michelle Gaskin

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