Diary of a Happily Married Woman


Do I dare speak?
Well yes just not my mind
And if I do remember to be kind.

Don’t sigh
That will set him off
And then I’ll cry because I am so soft.

Don’t try to make decisions
He must be in control
He is the God and I live in his world.

Do not relax and look too happy
That always makes him frown
And in the end the arguments always bring me down.

Don’t question his intentions
I just do as I am told
I’d rather keep the peace than be out in the cold.

Don’t dare form my own opinions
I lost that power years ago
It seems I’m very limited to either yes or no.

Please don’t think me foolish diary
For being a doleful wife
I’m biding my time daily for taking back my life.

Unlike the faithful sunshine
I fight to rise up every day
Although I walk on eggshells I’m building my own way

Don’t count my silence as strength lost
Mistake my retreat as defect
Much like the ashes of the phoenix … I will resurrect.



Michelle Gaskin




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